Reviews for "Steampunk Halloween"


this is awesome, you should make this into a t-shirt. I'd buy it!.


I thought this was the most badass picture I've seen in a while, and most of all, in the little globe on his right shoulder, is the kid from Daddy N' Me :D


I've never liked Pico all that much. He's okay but I really don't know how the games became so Newgrounds-famous. I know, just about every user disagrees with me.. But it's what I think. (I've been using Newgrounds for at least 4 years now. stfu calling me a noob.) Anyway, back to my review. The reason I gave it a 9, honestly, is because Dad is growing in a jar in the back.

JohnnyUtah responds:

dad is a pickled punk

Funny Coincidence

I love this 4 2 reasons: 1 It is done very skillfully and 2 Last year when I was making jack-o-lanterns I screwed up and got pissed off and just did a normal face but stabbed it with a butcher knife afterwards and it looked quite like the one in this work.

Great Job!!

hmmm good but...

good but i can't see any blood but... i have one wish
thats pico right? make halloween picture of every NG star
like MADNESS or P-Bot