Reviews for "Steampunk Halloween"

all we need...

all we need now is a flash of pico-bot fighting Dad or something

so this is the pic for NG's front page

i have to say its well done love the easter egg on his shoulder this defenitaly scores a 10/10 and a 5/5 and again sweet pic

I saw this on NG FRONT PAGE

It is amazing It is going on my favorites for halloween even though halloween is done. Great work. It deserves the score it has. I really love how art doesn't get zerobombed. It's one of the good things about this website. The audio portal on the other hand is Jackshit.

I love It!

I love steampunk stuff and this is one of the best steampunk things I've seen so far... well that and the steampunk dragon (givig you any ideas?)....


.....No words