Reviews for "Steampunk Halloween"

This is one of the best Halloween pictures I've ever seen! The main reason it's so good is because everything has this great purple glow to it. It's stuff like this that makes you appreciate the many colors we have in our world. Granted, it's not a photograph, but still great to look at. I love how there's so much work and effort put into every little stitch. I love how everything has these flashing lights coming out of it.

Pico's head looks just like another part of his body. I don't think the idea of a steampunk Halloween has ever been done before, but it's done perfectly here! It doesn't even look like this thing could support its own body weight! I thought one leg was too big, but that's to show it's put in front. Easily the best Halloween costume ever made. Happy Halloween now and forever too!

I loved it.

Very impressive, i love all of the subtle detail you incorporated into this piece.

great use of glow

prolly one of my favorite pieces of work on this site, this is rad

cool very cool men

Now that's a Frakenstin's monster!

I would love to see this as a boss in some halloween theme beat-em-up game.

He'll hobble and can up-chuck candy corn.

Excellent Work!


Thats is a coll pic i can see pico and dad and me