Reviews for "Steampunk Halloween"

I really like it

since the first moment i saw it in this lovely website

I really like all the light it has, it all looks like a huge luminiscent pumpkin


I love the steampunk and I also love the knife in the pumpkin.

Oh pico..

All i have to say.. Now that's some fucking dedication! Leg shot to hell arms and rest of the body is more machine then flesg, and hes breathing out of a pumpkin, and STILL he wants thiems candy!

Wish i was that dedicated about anything in my life lol..

You the man Utah.

luky one

You are in front page men xD

It is good. That is certain

It's more the feeling I get from the piece. A morbidly cozy, somewhat familiar and still unsettlingly cool type of feeling. The colors are lovely and almost surreal and everything simultaneously reminds me of the best candy bar ever made though it's not one that I've eaten before, just the kind you always want to buy and there it is on the shelf but you're too afraid to spend the money on it because it MAY not taste good (there is always that chance).

My review may not make any sense...but your drawing does to me. Well done.

JohnnyUtah responds:

thanks dude