Reviews for "Sniper Assassin 4"

top notch

eh i really like the series and i enjoy the game play i was alittle annoyed when the one woulndt work plz fix and anouce i would like to play it


Imho it aint that great. The others were better. This one is too easy and nothing new at all.

So what if gigolo doesnt work

It's still a fuckin amazing game. Eskimo is right, stop bitching.

At least have the decency to say

"Go to blah-blah-blah.com for full game" or something like that. Just having a screen that does/says/is nothing is low rent. Plus it's just the same stuff you see in every sniper game. I don't get it, I see amazing 3d rendered graphics on puzzle games, but these sniper games are always stick figures.


I agree with the last guy the gigolo mission is broken. I clicked start and nothing happened. Please fix this a.s.a.p.