Reviews for "Sniper Assassin 4"

Good game, slight bug

On the level with the code:

The start button does not work

I like it

I am a fan of the Sniper Assassin series =D
But i can't start the gigolo mission =(
The button doesn't work for me

Nice but there's a bug

First I was happy I saw a new sniper assassin...

But what's with the gigolo (the fourth or something) mission? I can't press the start button, I am just stuck in the mission briefing!
I've tried several times to refresh and put the code in but it doesn't work.

Can you fix this bug? Because I like to play this further.

level doesn't work

start mission button doesn't work on mission code gigolo don't know if it's just me great game so far though


cool...i love blowing heads....