Reviews for "Sinterklaas"


very fun game but the lacking of a soundtrack make it a bit dull. other than that its a nice game

Dutch :D

Awesome, finally a game about Sinterklaas.
to all you other players :
Sinterklaas is a dutch feast, like christmas.
Children get presents and eat candy.

gameplay flaws

Sometimes when you jump you jump into a bird flying down that you couldn't have possibly seen, the view needs to be 50% larger.

Birds must really hate Santa

Or Sinterklaas, depending on which country you're from.

I like the fact that you literally die when you don't make it before the time is up and Christmas had arrived.

At first, I couldn't get understand how to get up to the roofs in the first level. But then, there's a variety of ways. Tree branches, the lamp post (especially at the end of that stage), and even Mario-stomping birds will get you up there.

Then, there was the aspect of delivering presents to the correct color chimneys. The fact that you couldn't deposit a present in your chain just because it wasn't the first one really made things a bit of a memorize-a-route kind of thing.

Just a few things.

I hate random bird attacks, all because the screen doesn't pan up fast enough. Especially when you're doing superjumps off lamp posts and such, only to get hit by a bird that was hovering offscreen.

A minor correction: it shouldn't say "Hurry, It's getting lighter" when the morning is approaching. It should say "Hurry, it's almost sunrise."

Two missions? I thought there'd be more to it. How about rescuing his reindeer or something like that?

glitchy and somewhat annoying

The birds and the timer where quite annoying, the birds didn't stop bothering, and the timer was kind of strict, even on easy.
also, the mechanism to clear chimneys was not clear, I cleared only one, the rest reduced the number which I didn't know what it meant to zero and stayed like that.
when I died once, instead of respawning to continue, it kind of failed and stayed like that, without the player onscreen.

without so many glitches though, this game could be good, which is why I gave it a 2/5 and 4/10.