Reviews for "Sinterklaas"

Sinterklaas kapoentje

I'm sure it has to be confusing this game is semi dutch. You should make an english Sinterklaas. I just had to go see what this game is, maybe every dutch person raised with sinterklaas wonders what happens as soon as he's on newgrounds :P

De brievenbussen zijn de verkeerde kleur :P

I dont like the gameplay, i mean birds that make sinterklaas go auw?
And the pepernoten dont look like it.

Could be better, he dies like mario~

Euhh, Sinterklaas?

lolzors Sinterklaas? lololol dat ie hierop staat zeg xD


I remember this game very well... In fact, I think it's still somewhere on my computer.

(Yes, I'm Dutch :P)

Seriously classic

Ill keep it in english;)
this seriously is a classic... I remember this from `99 when we had to pay for internet per minute, this was hot stuff...
I noticed something else though, did you make Super-worms? That was and still is one of my all time favorite games. I loved the multiplayer modes in that game...

good work dude, keep it up!


bijna alleen maar nederlandse comments :P