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Reviews for "Wash, Seth and Dry"

EPIC that was like, the most epic laundry day ever

That was funny, epic and cool all at the same time

Nice Job

I liked it man. Keep it up


I love the tone of this flash, and the paper cutout effect to the figures works really well. The abrupt ending adds something to it, in my opinion! Beautiful is the only word I can use to describe this one.

Also, the little sock floating down made me laugh; maybe the Egyptian gods should have some kind of an epic clothes washing contest!


Short and sweet! I You shoud do more on other gods and stuff.

Short, but good

I'm used to seeing stuff like zebras or video games from you, but this was alright. It is interesting to see the different tones you can set in your flashes. I was particularly impressed by the animation and felt it was something you really came up with on your own. I couldn't tell what this was going to be about because of the "Seth" title. I know of course realize it was about the Egyptian god, Seth. He just looks really cool waving his stick and all, even if it could have been longer.