Reviews for "Press Start: Crossing"

Definate win

This sounds strikingly similar to chocobos in Final fantasy 7. The same bullshit breeding, food, leveling and the fact that everything before the Gold one isnt even worth you time. However the CO2 thing was unexpected. Very nice : )

SEGA and final Fantasy references FTW!

It was awesome.


Very Funny!!! I can't believe there is a press start movie, now I really wanna see it lol

idk what they are talking about >.>

as in the people who rated it a 2. i thought it was good. and the series is also funny.

there is some shit on newgrounds that have gotten front page and i emphasize the word "shit" that should of never gotten it =/

5/5 9/10

and why the hell would you write a review on something when you dont even know what the flash is talking about!?!?

Yeah....that's how I feel

about Tutorials. Pages of stuff that you're hardly going to use....why!