Reviews for "Press Start: Crossing"


His violent methods have never been so welcome.


I enjoyed it. :D

Not bad

I was impressed at how you managed to keep the humor going for that long. It was especially funny to hear the dumb dragord guy talk in that stupid voice. The funniest part (or at least best) was probably when the "Portal" thing shot itself. The animation wasn't supposed to be great, as it's probably more in the "South Park" range. It was also cool when the ninja mentioned using the dragon aorta as a flute. That is one of the most original things I have ever seen!

Hilarious! And AWESOME! A new Press start movie!

Can't wait to get it, the first one was great. I hope this one is immune to oxygen.


Brilliant animation and I can't blame those robot thingies to blow up! I mean... He was pretty boring! :D