Reviews for "Press Start: Crossing"

Kinda nice

System Damage.
No hard feelings...*bang*


What a fantastic series you have going on here, i cant say that i have seen any of these before but if they are even half as good as this episode then ill need to take the time out to go through them all. It kind of reminds me of the pokemon series, with all the adventure and stretched out scenes. The farmer character was great, the design was nice and the voice for him suited. Overall very funny.

I've been a fan of these for a long time.

Good job again!

Virtual On titledrop? Lamest reference yet.

This one was funny... at first. The joke just drags on and on, though. We get it, animal breeding interrupts the flow of JRPGs.

Amusing RPG spoof

Yup, been there... Where you need to go somewhere for an important battle, and you first need to spend a month trying to get the right ride to actually get there.

Also, "Worthless consumer models" XD