Reviews for "Press Start: Crossing"


Awesome job on the movie yet another example of a flash that doesn't need to be to in depth with art for it to be enjoyable. Good job.

it's omega xD

LOL the robotic city thing asyd some classic sonic heroes sayings iliked that the most

After careful calculation

I want to believe this was entertaining, it did make me smile how the farmer went on and on about complicated Dragerd rules, as do all ideo games. but it seemed like that was the only joke in the whole flash. I have a Major problem with this concept, WTF NINJA HAS AN AXE? (loading screen) The animation was rough, attention to detail was good, the concept and voices were best. Next time you need a better script and to work on it more.

The end reminds me of oh so many tutorial games...

but this is one of the weaker parts of the Press Start series. Just not that much going on.

Im going both ways on this. AAHAHAHAHAH!

I loved the character design they looked retarded in a good way but i didnt find the jokes that funny.