Reviews for "Sonic - BotR DEMO"


i canĀ“t wait for the full game haha. however, the artwork seems a little more "fuzzy" than before. a lot of lines around the body. for example, you cant see if amy is happy, normal, or sad. and amy's pose looks a lot like bunnie's in the past game.

anyways, its a great game, idk why it got such a low score, ill log in every day and vote to raise it haha.

Telsa responds:

I'm very glad you liked it. I don't know what you mean about the "fuzziness", but I did shrink the general sprites down for better file size. In the first they were full-sized and shrunk down inside of Flash, instead of through Photoshop.

Sadly, a lot of the poses are similar. But that's because there's so many people, and I found it rather hard to give each of them unique expressions and poses. Either way, I don't really care about the score, especially since this is just a demo (I expect it to be low regardless). Anyway, thanks for the comments!


finally dude the game i have been waiting for


this seems like it is set up to be a great game. sonic is such a lucky **** with women

Telsa responds:

Glad you like what you see so far. Yes, he sure is - at least in these games.


can't seem to get the olnly people for some reason. there might be a bug so we can't get it

Telsa responds:

No bug. You just can't use the "Skip" button to unlock anything. You should get the only People at the end of the first scene, right after the last question about what to say to Amy.


what secret picture

Telsa responds:

There's only one :D

Check out the guide on my website if you need to find it.