Reviews for "Sonic - BotR DEMO"

Would love to see this finished!

Title says all!

Telsa responds:

So would I! Hopefully in a month or two.


this is pretty cool for a demo of a game.
PM me when you make the full game

Telsa responds:

I'll try. Thanks!


still needs music and shit, but its just a demo. looking forward to the full thing, i think it has a lot of potential. please leave a message in my inbox when u finish the whole thing, it would be appreciated. good luck

Telsa responds:

I'll try and remember. Thanks for your comments.


It has a long, long, long, way to go, but it could be decent, I am not much of a fan of sonic games, tribute games less so, but it could be passable, once you add more depth, music, suounds, and well, actually finish the game.

Telsa responds:

Well, here's hoping I can live up to at least some of your expectations.

I don't know what to say

I'm not really going for the art style, but to each his own. The lack of sound, music, anything at all is a bit off putting. The dialogue is...well, I won't delve into that. Honestly, I'll just pass on this one.

Telsa responds:

Sorry you didn't like it. The sound will probably be the last thing I add. Oh, and trust me - I know about the writing :P