Reviews for "Sonic - BotR DEMO"

Cool demo but...

Its good and deserves a 100 out of 99 but why cant i get any images or people? I've tried everything.

Telsa responds:

You should be able to get a "person" at the end of the first scene automatically... The only image is hidden though... Try looking at "suspicious" things in the How To section..

Very cool

I think it's very cool
the full game will be awesome


i canĀ“t wait for the full game haha. however, the artwork seems a little more "fuzzy" than before. a lot of lines around the body. for example, you cant see if amy is happy, normal, or sad. and amy's pose looks a lot like bunnie's in the past game.

anyways, its a great game, idk why it got such a low score, ill log in every day and vote to raise it haha.

Telsa responds:

I'm very glad you liked it. I don't know what you mean about the "fuzziness", but I did shrink the general sprites down for better file size. In the first they were full-sized and shrunk down inside of Flash, instead of through Photoshop.

Sadly, a lot of the poses are similar. But that's because there's so many people, and I found it rather hard to give each of them unique expressions and poses. Either way, I don't really care about the score, especially since this is just a demo (I expect it to be low regardless). Anyway, thanks for the comments!

new, and long...heh

like the new human-ish-sized style you got going, but 2 things are throwing it off a bit:
1) i dont think they ever really show their necks like the original does, and for some reason it just pokes out.
2) it's either the legs are just a liiittle long or the arms are just a liiiittle short, idk guess you can choose that one.

P.S: Odd how tails seems to have a "figure"...just saying

Telsa responds:

That's likely because I've shrunk their heads. Mskes their necks seem smaller or something.

The arms are short, and the legs are cutoff because I had to keep heights consistent

I've never really liked Tails so I'm a little unfamiliar at drawing him. I also didn't want to make him look like a little kid, so I guess I turned him into a feminine adolescent.

Interesting :)

Very cool man I like :D Cant wait to see the full one

Telsa responds:

Glad you like it!