Reviews for "Sonic - BotR DEMO"

demo :\

here i thought you quit on the games

Telsa responds:

Nope, just REALLY busy... and a decent amount of LAZY as well. I'm still working on the second game, but it's hard to find time to do it. I've gotten too much done not to finish it one day, but we'll see when I finally get around to finishing.


can't seem to get the olnly people for some reason. there might be a bug so we can't get it

Telsa responds:

No bug. You just can't use the "Skip" button to unlock anything. You should get the only People at the end of the first scene, right after the last question about what to say to Amy.

Can't wait for the real thing.

But yeah, you don't get a person at the end of the first part, or at least I didn't. Also I noticed the tab function doesn't work anymore, really makes you work for it.

Telsa responds:

Oh ya, finally figured out how to disable Tab. The final version's gonna be tough to do, but I'll be posting a guide for the game shortly after it's released.


finally dude the game i have been waiting for

Quick Question

Will there be homoerotic art in the game cuz i like the way tails looks and was wondering if you could... you know. Also could you add a character select kinda thing in this or the next one?

Telsa responds:

No character select in this game, but there are plans for it in the third... if I ever make it. It will likely be a VERY long time for a third game to come out.