Reviews for "Sonic - BotR DEMO"

Good Demo

Great demo! Hope to see the full version come out soon!!!!

hey good demo

whene come the full version out


what secret picture

Telsa responds:

There's only one :D

Check out the guide on my website if you need to find it.

make the full version

plz make the full version

nice but enemy's are confusing.

Why is it that I can't kill the wolf without using the tutorial? P.S. I forgot 2 say this in my review for the first rise of Robotnik: I've unlocked cream, bunnie, Amy, rouge, dagger, and Sally, but I need one more girl. could you tell me who she is? Pretty plz? with crappy Shoop Da Whoop on top? 0o

Telsa responds:

1. You CAN beat the wolf. There's an extra place to hit that only appears if you don't choose the tutorial - read the text.

2. Check out the link in the description (copy and paste it but remove the space). It has guides for all the games.