Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"


Kinda sad how fucking electro brats would trample someone to death just to get 20% off an item. "Oh boy i got Halo 3 for 25% off and all i had to do was help tample a man to his death" But really good animation anyway.

very funny and a little sad

i did't know the wal-mart guy died. but it was funny!!!! by the way the text below is repating.

My ankles...they...kind of hurt!

Good flash. It tells us to remember a tragic death of a man who was killed due to the senselessness of others...it's too bad, really. Funny flash though. I thought the bathroom scene was well done.

Give you credit

Ill give you credit on the hard work you must have gone through to make this, but the concept was just bad. Its kinda sad how you are making a flash on somebodies death, but despite the fact I'm still gonna give you a good score =)

my ankles


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