Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"

ha just in time

it kinda hurts!

hey u can u use news footage and qoutes from the tourettes guy?

i am from long island...

and i probably wont go to that walmart on black friday ever. especially after the though this flash provoked.

p.s. @ linux750, im sorry you refered to The Who's song, "We Won't Get Fooled Again" as "the CSI Miami song". it is a sad day in music history.


"my ankles, they kind of hurt" genious

Lol.. funny

I comment because I work at wal-mart and I was working last night and boy is it a nightmare. It's so funny though to see the frustrated customers I mean there's no way to organize it and they should know what to expect at wal-mart on blitz day. And now my ankles kind of hurt from standing around all night lol.

Plz don't shit on the floor.

That was the funniest thing in the whole flash, but I'd like to mention (more like ask) Has the idiocy of humanity really come this far?! According to me (which i see this everyday on the news and whatnot) America is the country that has the stupidest people on earth.. one last word of advice.. be considerate, educate your children, and please don't continue this endless downfall in the decay of common sense..