Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"

good job

great music pretty funny when the secruity guy found him saying his ankles hurt and here i thought he was trampled good job


was only released about 2 hours ago yet it's on the frontpage 0.0
Great job!Very scary though ._.


wal-mart man.

:( that was a damn shame.

:( Poor wal-mart man.
:3 Nice vid, I like how you added the ACTUAL news footage :)

I found a bug.. :o

After the video finishes, the lyrics just sorta loops again while the image remains as the 'dead' guy..
Ps: daim, How can people be so inhumane and just trample over a guy like that.. >_>
Awesome intro by the way, the effects for that old man was really cool. o_o
I like the voicing for that old man. >D
"And do you know what the walmartman does when he GETS ya?"