Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"

cool but historically inaccurate

Cool man, great to watch.

EXCEPT. Historically inaccurate. The Wal-mart worker who died was BLACK.

Hahah, this was excellent.

Even though every time I think about the Wal*Mart man, my faith in humanity diminishes greatly, I thought this Flash was amazing.
Animation and story were tops, 5/5.

I supose the whole concept is funny...

...But it didn't make me lauph. I guess it just wasn't enouph. Come to think of it though animation was realy good. 10/10 on that. 8/10 on story.


Sad but yet funny

Gringos are consumers

people in the US only live the consumist clishe thats why that kind of thing happends thats really sad poor guy :( being kill by a bunch of fat americans