Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"

Twenty bucks says it happens again this year...

Make a bet?

This is why I hate black friday

Yet another reason not to leave the house, as if I needed any more. Like sitting in front of my computer and watching entertaining newgrounds animations such as this. I'd rather pay a bit more for my christmas gifts than deal with those out of control crowds. Or shop online, get to love the internet for that.

Now I'm pissed..

Flash was amazing. But now, I want a fucking list of everyone in that wal-mart. Man, woman, and child. I'll kill each and everyone of them with a more tortourous death than this man's. Poor soul.

lol wtf!!!

ahhh ahh my ankles i think there sprained They kinda hurt!!! lol random

O_o dam

um i will never go to black friday ever in my entire life hory shiy