Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"

It's sad

Not really related to your vid.. it's sad what happened? It's another example of the greed of people.. Wal-mart didn't tell shoppers to leave so they could attend to the man properly, and people didn't stop to care.. They ran him over. Are people so selfish that they don't realize how much more hurt walmart does than help?

Good Job!

I liked how you combined the animation with reality, but the voice acting for the animation was not that great for the old man. I wish you would tell me what the Walmart man does to his victims, because even after watching this movie, I still don't know lol. Other than that, good animation, great combination, and great idea. Keep up the good work! Oh yeah, I also thought the scene when the dead guy turns around was very hilarious, lol.

Only 6 stars

I like it for making fun of the event.

I also liked how you put real news footage into it.

Sadly, I only give you 6 becuase it is really short.

This one is good for some laughs...

Sad but true...

Yeah kinda shows the animals we really r to trample someone over material possession, and I agree wiff the this guy V

i am from long island...

and i probably wont go to that walmart on black friday ever. especially after the though this flash provoked.

p.s. @ linux750, im sorry you refered to The Who's song, "We Won't Get Fooled Again" as "the CSI Miami song". it is a sad day in music history.