Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"


Yeah people are pretty dumb in crowds and when you add Wal-Mart or any other mass shopping unit to the equation they're outright retarded.

I've got this funny feeling that everyone who votes this and other reviews useless are avid wal-mart shoppers who get butthurt from the truth... Good job on the animation, just as good as the last one. Keep em coming!

And thus ...

... The mindless masses celebrate the past economic contraction by the bankers and pro corporate nationalists by herding out to your local corporate outlet to void your pocketbook of any disposable income. Everything will be alright so long as you remain ignorant, fear, and consume.

The Scary part is...

I'm going to wal-mart black friday sale in a few minutes DDD: lol imma go just to beat the shit outt someone who trys to take mah big screen t.v. >:D

Twenty bucks says it happens again this year...

Make a bet?

wall mart shoppers...?

hop rushers... oi vey.