Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"

Funny as crap

I loved the ending, my ankles.... they kinda hurt.... I think there sprained.

and offsday your just... oh I don't want to say what I'm thinking.

damn those people

they were bastards who will burn in hell like they deserve. anyway great flash

lol some ppl are retarded

this video was awsome but i keep getting reminded that ppl ran over my mom one time at wal mart trying to get to the wiis on sale and she got her leg broken and thats so retarded THATS FREAKEN CRAZY BUT A GUY GOT KILLED THATS AMAZING RETARDED AHHHHH THATS CRAZY!!!!!!!


man i realy liked it its fun and talls de truth about does days
as they said below all the consumers have the fault
great work telling us a good story lol


*guitar riff*
"Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss"

The Who kicked ass 3 decades ago, they still kick ass today. Nice choice with "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Also, wtf is up with shoppers acting all fucking crazy? Sure I get that the people want great deals for Christmas shopping and whatnot, but still, HAVE SOME DAMN SANITY, WILL YA?! That's the issue with Black Friday, I think the stores should have roped off sections leading to the store front so the customers can be corralled(as inhumane as that sounds) it'd be a much safer alternative than having one or more employees trampled to death from the mob of deal hungry shoppers.

That's my take on it at least, kick ass flash anyway, funny and kick ass audio. 5/5 & 10/10. Sh0t you are one hell of a flash artist.