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Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"

That trampled guy must be pissed.

fo realz!

somethings wrng with the flash

ok so ye, i was funy... but after te song all i saw wa the guy on his side while it was going threough the song then all the subtitles from everything before that

Now I'm pissed..

Flash was amazing. But now, I want a fucking list of everyone in that wal-mart. Man, woman, and child. I'll kill each and everyone of them with a more tortourous death than this man's. Poor soul.


i liked some of the jokes but i couldn't get over the voices.
ummm btw all i ask when you are recording with high def mics is that you take your retainer out before you start talking. if it is your braces that makes that god awful slur, then get someone else to talk for you....
unless it was intentional for them to have a slur if that was the case learn a new voice.
No one likes water buffolos.... (<--What?)
animation was ok
and next time turn the sound down on those clips made your video sound too rigid.
and blah blah blah

I feel bad now

Your flash was good no doubt about that but . . . the story is sad. Normally I couldn't care less about gory or dark things except when they are brought about by something like "trampled to death by ravenouse deal-hungry shoppers". Hell, I would invite the man's spirit to come back and haunt those people who didn't give a damn whether he lived or died. This is the sort of thing that makes me feel a little bad about being American sometimes.