Reviews for "Yuri, The Space Jumper"


This game is incredible. It's so simple, yet so entertaining. The concept is very nice. The music is relaxing and calm, and the gameplay is superb. The only thing I would change is the way yuri looks. I wasn't expecting him to be a fat dude lol. Amazing game, keep up the good work!


Simple,yet reallt entertaining! The gameplay is so hard, yet is really basic! A classic 2 in one game! Great Job!

Nice Game.

Awesome game, super gameplay, simple and cool with great music. However, have we entered already the dark age of video game commercials? I wonder how long until we hit the dreaded commercial interruption mid game?

truly a masterpiece

this is possibly one of the best games ever created,and im not just saying that,the game is amazing,so simple,yet so fun,yuri must get his suit,he must become a great astronaut,it all makes sense,except for the part where his head doesnt explode from holding in all of his oxygen in outer space,but this game is awesome,make a sequel,like he could trying for a coastguard,but he uniform is lost at sea,so he must jump over seagulls,dolphins and waves until he can find them

nice but

yuri gargari wasent fat he wasnt a famus astranaught he was the first russian in space althaugh its quite good i like it dont knaw about you guys though thanks