Reviews for "Yuri, The Space Jumper"

nice but

yuri gargari wasent fat he wasnt a famus astranaught he was the first russian in space althaugh its quite good i like it dont knaw about you guys though thanks

this is (almost) horrable

this is just pseudo-yaoi.
it is senseless, the stars have a translucent square around them,
and it is so easy, a dog could do it. this game is disgusting, and so easy it is virtually unplayable.
work with animations, that way, you will actually make some funny things!
also, yuri is slang for girls who are "bent" which is usually soft,
not fat naked floating spacemen jumping on stars.
the idea IS creative, though. you earned one star, and i wont vote zero.
you are lucky, thank your lucky stars...(or at least the stars the fat space man did not jump on...)
try a space man getting chased by a floating head, or something.
its creative, simple, and effective. that would get you better ratings.
try it.


I GOTS TO THE SLEEVES, TO THE SLEEVES!!! and then i fell from the stars. The game itself is nice, it could use a few things here and there, but its solid.

Good game

I spent lots of time trying to improve my score. This game is really addictive.


do you even know wat yuri yuri is a form of lesbian hentai not some fat space dude

FrosmoLtd responds:

Idea to name him Yuri came from Yuri Gagarin, famous astronaut, not from hentai :)