Reviews for "Yuri, The Space Jumper"


Very nice game! A lot of humor indeed! It starts pretty easy but then it become harder later on. Good. PS: I think the name is an homage to Yuri Gagarin... :-D

truly a masterpiece

this is possibly one of the best games ever created,and im not just saying that,the game is amazing,so simple,yet so fun,yuri must get his suit,he must become a great astronaut,it all makes sense,except for the part where his head doesnt explode from holding in all of his oxygen in outer space,but this game is awesome,make a sequel,like he could trying for a coastguard,but he uniform is lost at sea,so he must jump over seagulls,dolphins and waves until he can find them


Became Addicted. Wonderfully simple game

FrosmoLtd responds:

Thanks! :)

This is not the Yuri I was expecting.

*sad Hulk music*

Simple and Sweet

The gameplay and animation are fairly straightforward, but the idea behind it is interesting. Plus it really pulls you in to playing again and again, seeing if you can avoid that fatal mistake and reach a higher score!