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Reviews for "Tower Defence V3 :D"

no too special

its really boring its not dificult and has no variety ita just like watching paint dry the music stops and you never advance to a new level or see cooler weapons

Has way too many bugs.

Sorry, but it still has some bugs. Some that you should have caught in your own testing, actually.

Sell glitch. Buy any tower and then sell. You get 500 gold. Do it repeatedly and by as early as wave 2, you'll have tons of maxed out towers.

Placing towers along the top edge starting from near the road allows them to kill units that are still off screen.

Slow doesn't seem to work. Either that, or the effect is so negligible that it doesn't make much of a difference. Splash damage seems useless, as the enemies are all spread out anyway and are never clumped together.

From the looks of it, though, it could be spoofing a Tower Defense game. After all, it is a bit too simplistic in graphics. (It seems too much derived straight from a Tower Defense tutorial somewhere else.) Yet these bugs were a little too easy to find, it wasn't that funny or entertaining.