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Reviews for "Tower Defence V3 :D"


all you have to do is keep pressing sell, even when the tower was sold already :/ +500g everytime.

seemed pretty decent though


5100000 was my final score. just got bored so i quit. sure i coulda got it to about 10 mil or higher.


checklist of, 'Things to do'.

1. Sound (Music, Effects)
2. Get the score system sorted out, no one wants a "NaN" score.
3. more weapons, and stop trying to rip me off for charging $88 for an upgrade that doesn't change ANYTHING
5. If you have the time, and quite plainly, the skill. try and remove the limit of waves.

I spent 10 minutes filling each and every block available and filled them with cannons, because I thought that eventually, it would come to wave 200 and the enemies would be at like a million health...

...but no. Come wave 36 and they go from 15k all the way up to 30k, That got my hopes up. then nothing appears.

Nice try, but if you seriously want to create a half decent game i'd spend a little more time on it.

10/10 for being originality.

Needs bugfixes.

Selling towers is bugged, gives you 500 money for any sold tower.
If your going to allow the enemies off-screen moving west along the top to the first visible part of the path to be shot at, you might as well show the path they are on. I was able to win the entire thing without seeing a single enemy enter the visible area.
Selecting another tower does not correctly show its stats on the top right, in particular upgraded towers do not show their correct stats.
The only time stats update correctly is while upgrading.
Clicking any empty space should deselect the tower not just clicking on the path.
Consider moving the stats down to the lower right as it, along with the upgrade/sell buttons, cover much of the area you will want your towers and make it far to easy to accidentally sell one. Also that area cannot be built on anyway.

Has way too many bugs.

Sorry, but it still has some bugs. Some that you should have caught in your own testing, actually.

Sell glitch. Buy any tower and then sell. You get 500 gold. Do it repeatedly and by as early as wave 2, you'll have tons of maxed out towers.

Placing towers along the top edge starting from near the road allows them to kill units that are still off screen.

Slow doesn't seem to work. Either that, or the effect is so negligible that it doesn't make much of a difference. Splash damage seems useless, as the enemies are all spread out anyway and are never clumped together.

From the looks of it, though, it could be spoofing a Tower Defense game. After all, it is a bit too simplistic in graphics. (It seems too much derived straight from a Tower Defense tutorial somewhere else.) Yet these bugs were a little too easy to find, it wasn't that funny or entertaining.