Reviews for "Level Up!"

Nice Game


It's not everyday that a decent platform game comes along. Now, on the the review, shall we?

- Overall, it's easy to control the character, although, I wish you could reconfigure the controls.

- Sometimes, the dash tends to inadvertently fire. I'm sure I am double-tapping it, for example when I need to turn around quickly or something. I wish there was the option of double-dash and/or pressing another button to perform this.

- You should be able to cancel the dash instead of simply running until you hit something. Sorry if it's already implemented, and I'm not just doing it right.

- Variable-length jumping was GREAT! I wish more platform games did this. :-D

- Very good, old-school pixel art. The artist did a nice job with it.
- The girl's idle animation looks kinda weird, though.
- I REALLY like the fact that there are NO RIPPED sprites (at least none that I can detect). ;-)

Those of you with Zelda, Mario, and Sonic rips and what not, I'm lookin' at you. >_>

- You have a nice codex with lots of interesting things to look at and read. :-P

- While I wasn't really into the core concept of the game, your implementation the Flixel engine kept me interested (although I have never used it myself).

- I found 99.3% of the red gems, and all the blue and large gems before I got tired of doing the same things repeatedly. This took me about 7 days or so. Henceforth, I went straight into facing the nightmare boss. I went to day 29, still didn't beat the damn thing, and gave up after that.

- Why do I get overwhelmed in the nightmare when I still have health left? Is there some other criteria for determining when you are defeated?

- I wish the player had some sort of offense. Dude, you got an AWESOME looking dash and double jump somersault - you gotta back that up some BEEF, man! :-) Otherwise, it's just showing off, which doesn't do much for the gameplay.

- The Interactive skill - Couldn't come up with anything to make it more effective at higher levels, huh? Heh! :-P

- The additional idle poses gained when leveling up... lol more showing off. :-P

- And yes, I did get the TIme Waster merit and what not. :-P

- I would prefer if the radar would seek preference in locating gems that you've not already collected, or perhaps add a map to that fancy codex.

- Nice subtle music and sound effects. Old-school chip-tunes, triangle waves and noise. :-)

Notes / Polish / Other
- An ability to adjust volume of music and sounds would have been nice. if it's already there somewhere, then I must have missed it.

- That girl is a bit sarcastic. She sure likes to talk a lot of trash, considering the fact that her bark is worse than her bite. :-P

- There is a "positioning glitch" when first enter the nightmare room.

- The parallax scrolling was a nice touch.

- Sometimes, I receive this ActionScript runtime error when I press the Play button to start the game:

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at com.titch.LevelUp.data::NGFactory/cli ck()

When I click COntinue of the ActionScript run-time error dialog box to resume the game, it's stuck, and I need to refresh the browser.

- Another glitch I noticed:
After coming out of the nightmare, if I try an access the menu, while it's resetting away all the stats and what not, sometimes, the controls will "lock up", and I can't move the girl or access the menu at all.

Again, nice game. Keep up the good work, soldier.


* salutes *

- Ziro out.

It glitched up

One time at the boss, rocks fell, I got the black gems, and he just disappeared. I could go to the corner where he disappeared and got hurt, though, to end the fight. But I could not end up beating him then.


Every single time it's the same thing. Im playing, enjoying it, having fun, loving the game...then boss fight...then tolerance for game hits zero. Every single time. And I can't stand it.


Very nice game, the graphics are very retro and i love it.

A tad laggy though, it got on my nerves after a while.

But the story!

It may have been somewhat repetitive but, yet it was very well made, and i liked the story, having comedy, and cutness :P and it had me wanting for a second part @_@.