Reviews for "Level Up!"


how do i get the flixel program

absolutely fantastic.

10/10, 5/5.

all i'm going to say is that i'm rating the game based on my enjoyment, not based on the possible improvements you can subject it to. excellent work.

Awesome awesome game

Light story with some laughs, great platforming and the concept of leveling up everything is just plain fun. Shadow makes a great boss, challenging yet not insanely hard. I managed to get all but 3 medals (including Heartbreaker, wooo!), might come back to it soon, quite satisfied at the moment though. ^_^

Losing all levels every morning isn't too bad you whiny sobs, you can regain them quickly and it's there for some lasting appeal.

Great game, i was able to get everything EXCEPT

# 56 on the codec, does it even exist? Great game though, and the hopefully coming soon Gather Up looks promising as well. It made me feel as though i was playing Zelda when i reached the temple. My only complaint about your work in progress is "The Hero"'s name, plz dont leave it that way in the finished version.

So anywho great game kept me addicted, and my only regret is that i didnt play it sooner. Peace


i played this before but i didnt finished this because i have no idea what to do now i know fill up your run,jump,heal,fortitude and collect then go to the computer ( you need to spent 100 to open the door) jump on the computer and talk to it THE END YOU BEAT THE GAME