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Reviews for "Level Up!"

This Game Needs A Sequel!!!

this was an epic game loved every part hope you make a sequel, with more of everything and also the difficulty could use a tune up on the boss fight it was very easy beating the deity.


one of a kind!


played this b4 back when it was first put on liked it then but didnt beat it XP came back 2 day and kicked the shit out of it :x personaly i think the nightmare is 2 eazy i can stand in a corner and let it kill it self ( usualy go for a coffee refill during that time come back and its over with ) 2 put it simply u dont need any skill 2 win >.> kinda disapointed about that but then again i maxed my regen / fort and some hp b4 that so that may be why.

It was a intresting ending that was for sure never expected the main girl 2 be the bad one XD was kinda hopeing for a epic boss final battle but a nice CC was good enuff imo. ah btw that 100% thing award was cool getin 3 awards poping up when that happened made the fustration of forgeting to double jump (multiple times in a row) after my epic air dash jump worth it XP

a real challenge!

but i likked it its adictive in some way :D and i love that she is just called "The Girl" haha


The details, evrything just perfect. What a good game.