Reviews for "Level Up!"

fix sliding

I just wish I would get to see the sequel in the next century or so.

phew! finally 100% the game it only took me 10 days. great game and great gameplay thank you for an interesting time.

when i clicked load because i accidentally clicked reload it just froze my game and wouldn't load.... WHYYYYYYYY D: I WAS ALMOST DONE!! 91%!! *sob* 4.5 though :3

This is game is pretty amazing i cant describe how awesome this games is.It clearly deserves 5 stars.Also I heard that a lot of people said that they lost their data after playing the hero part.Thats because they havent noticed the Load button in the menu.Yeah,you see whenever you finish the hero part it return you back to the beggining ,however you can load the current proggres becuase it automatically saves.So whenever you finish The Hero part and go back to the beggining go to the menu by pressing C,then select Load and it will return your current progress.I hope this will help you.Have a nice day :)