Reviews for "Level Up!"

where is my sequel

one of the best games i ever played, this is really good i wish there was a sequel and i am wondering what happened to the guy
i guess the girl was filled with darkness because of the killer, shit this is really great i hope there are more games with the same idea of leveling up and the writer dude you are the best you make a really good story behind a really good and entertaining gameplay

one of my favorites

Awesome game! Music and art are really nice and story is awesome, too!
If you got problems with boss read on:
To beat the shadow you need to drop magic meteors it trows at you on him. It's hard, but you can get used to it.
Every skill is important and every gem you collect is closer to finishing the game!

what happened to the hero

I must admit, the looks good, but it won't load up for me.