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Reviews for "Level Up!"

This, is what I call the epitome of platforming. There is no buttons that can help you to attack; it's simply acrobatics and platforming.
And for those who think that the nightmare is impossible, it is NOT impossible. You just need to have a high enough level and a lot of perks (dashes and double jumps help a LOT).
The end is kinda "meh" and predictable, but heck, this is made WAY back in 2009, and it's a FLASH game. For a flash game, I can say it's one of the best flash games I've ever played.

I couldn't wait to play this again, such a beautifully thought game. Love the levelling, love killing the boss, love the medals, love collecting stuff, this game is really lovely

Been waiting for the sequel for 7 years now. I'm trying to hold on to my sanity and patience but I'm running out of those. :(

The stupid boss fight at the end of each day is impossible.

I was able to use the double jump to skip straight to the ending.