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Reviews for "Level Up!"

Haha. Can't wait.

I feel extra good about this game because it was my first Protection Point game. ;D Glad to have it on here. I've already gotten full 100% completion... Which I always try to do on EVERY game... HARD on Upgrade Complete. =D

An excellent sidescroller/rpg/action/adventure!

Simplicity is a strong theme in this game. The graphics were simple, the game play mechanics were simple, the story was simple. And simplicity is bliss.

I loved the Leveling Up concept. Every mundane task had a "level" and it made for a nice parody of RPGs.

The length was very nice too. It kept me entertained just long enough and didn't push anymore than it had too.

The story could have been a bit better. Perhaps the war between the Roundites and the Squarites could have been elaborated on and brought more into focus.

I can't wait for the sequel!

Cool i cant wait

cant wait fo the next 1 :D

loved it!

you really brought something special to the portal here! The gameplay, music, graphics, concept, and storyline are all wonderfully depicted here! I can't wait for the sequel! Keep it up!

it was pretty good

up till the point where it erases ALL YOUR LEVELS...which is kinda pointless if the goal is to level every thing to max... -3 for that otherwise pretty good so 5/5 +7/10

titch007uk responds:

The point of it is challenge, which I still believe should be present in a game. Without it the game would basically be a matter of grinding through everything. I guess it's not for everyone though :|