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Reviews for "Level Up!"

Just great!

Beautiful and funny game. The Fixel framework seems amazing. I love those retro touches.

The Boss

This is a good game, sort of. I just dont know what you intended when making that "Nightmare" of a boss. Is the only way to damage him is to pick up the black gems, and the only way to regen health is to stand still, making you a sitting duck.
Gameplay is fantastic, but i just hate the way you make me run around the same track over and over.
If there is another way to beat the nightmare, please enlighten me.


titch007uk responds:

I've uploaded a video on beating nightmare

The trick is to get nearly all the skills (you don't need Radar) and exploit them as much as possible. Particularly regen and hardy as they help you retain your health.

Lovely game

Pretty much.
The whole concept, albeit not new, is sure fun here.
The whole leveling part...first defeat and getting it all restarted..then swearing revenge on the nightmare :D

Game got nice atmosphere, music definitely helps here a bunch.
Inside world by itself, although small, offers plenty of places to visit.
At least it had enough of those for me.

It's also nice how there are two ways to get extra skills.
I admit...I went with easier one..since I lost few times to Nightmare. Hoarded a larger number of gems in process..so hey..I'm excused, no?
(but radar and dash were obtained harder way!)

Either way, I'm already waiting for another part. So, work hard out there, and make sure the project will come to fruition:)

And curses...Was at part past finish, getting last % to see bonus...decided to write comment, and pressed "reviews" instead...Page reload, and game reset.
Oh well..here goes again....must get full 100%


Very nice game!
Please PM me when you've made the sequel!


yeah, pretty good game, only thing that could be improved i'd say is possibly think of another way to get your players to realise that even though the levels are lost every end of the day, progress isn't.

i really expected this to be a game i'd never see the end of, thankfully i did though.
can't wait for the sequel.