Reviews for "Level Up!"


very fun. but what bothered me themost was the fact that my character kept dissapearing whenever she went to sleep. i had to refresh the page and reload it over and over again in order to regain visibility. another thing that was annoying was the transparent gems. it's not annoying when you need gems, but it really gets on your nerves when youre trying to get those last few gems. also, after i beat the game and looked for the last gems, all of the transparent gems turned visible again, and i couldn;t get them. and the radar led me to some gems that i had previously collected, which i could get. i ended up with 101% completion of the red gems quest.

the demo was cool. i didn't like the auto jump thing though. it made it easier but gave the player less work to do. it got boring. lal i had to do was run around and shoot.

great idea over all but...

it was good but i worked hard on my levels couldnt there of been some hard to find/get way to keep at least one because i cant beat the nightmare i understand its suppose to be difficult but it was just a little too much and theres the invisibility bug that every one (including me) is complaining about. but i like the game it just needs some work

a good game but

the first time the girl went to sleep she was gone and she still was after the battle so i quit

Really good game

I found a trick, restart and then load the game and you won't be invisible in the morning. But this doesn't help in the nightmares though as it makes the difficulty just a hundred times worse. Please fix that!
I give you a good score because I know after you fix the bugs It will be a really good game, so don't sweat it!

damn glitches

damn it. you gotta fix these glitches in the game. when I get to the guy with the fire sword for the first time, I can't see my character anymore. fix that.