Reviews for "Level Up!"

Great game

I liked it. it had a great storyline. i just wish you could attack and i kept wondering what would happen if you beat your dream self

Good, if glitchy...

I really enjoyed the concept, look and overall game, however I stopped playing when I got the Dash shoes and realized that instead of activating when i double tapped left or right, it just activated randomly so i couldn't just run normally more than a couple feet without breaking into dash. There were also NPC's that told me to do something so I could get an ability or trait etc, but when I went back to get it after completing their task they just said the same thing. That I should do the task I just did.

Graphics: 9/10 (classic style)
Music: 7/10 (wanted more than one track)
Originality:9/10 (great concept, and loved the sleep battle)
Gameplay:6/10 (NPC and dash glitches...along with not beating the game =P)

...no, really, I'm going to make a sandwich now. EAT BABIES!

only one glitch found :)

sometimes you get stuck and can't move, also the time stopps, so u're basically just game over

also the medals won't work for some reason

nice game, nice music, nice sounds, nice story


Yes this game definitely didn't disapoint as something that was featured. The idea of lvling up everything was a good idea. It would be even more fun if there were more lvls. The first two nights I didn't have much abilites so i just let nightmare kill me. On the third night however i discovered a sure fire way to win...which sucks cause i just dash back and forth being invulnerable the whole time. Maybe you should fix being invulnerable after dashing. After completing the game i restarted and tried defeating it on the first night. I realised it was possible without dash and double jump. Though hardy and regen is a must. OVERALL awesome game.

almost an awesome game. but still great

ok...so honestly when i realized this was just a collection type game i was very dissapointed. then i realized that the basic map layout was akin to super metriod and the idea of learning skills from native creatures was also unoriginal. i really dont think this was intentional tho, and thats why i still gave you 8/10. what really brings your score down for me is the annoyance of the nightmare round.

Anyhow i did like the game... the night mare round (tho beatable once you figure out the pattern) was simply annoying, and you could have done alot more with the premise of leveling up instead of a simple collection / perform a stunt type game.

the 100% completion was great however... although there may be a bug (i didnt read any other comments) because im fairly sure that after beating the game once... when i came back to complete i suddenly had 100% instead of 98%. i could be wrong tho, because i wasn't really paying a huge amount of attention to the numbers!... but great ending!