Reviews for "Level Up!"

Amazing Game.

Its not often I see a decent game on Newgrounds. Congrats.


One of the most enjoyable games I have ever experienced. Very refined, and the graphics and music complement each other so well, and they're fantastic to begin with.

Despite there being thousands of platforming games out there, this is by far one of the most original games I've played, and that goes for your little 'demo,' too. Absolutely top-notch, and I cannot wait for the sequel.

Only thing I can complain about is that I got 100% complete and nearly all of the medals, but wasn't logged in, and so all of my progress was lost when I went to log in again. Sad. That, and when text is appearing, words that are supposed to be on the next line stay on the line previous until they get too long. Nothing particularly wrong with that, but it may look a teensy bit more professional if they start off on the appropriate line. If that makes any sense.



its really good i like the idea that when you lose to the shadow you delevel but it shouldnt be all the way back to level 1 all the dialogue is pretty funny and its a rea;;y good rpg romance...thing.


Real nice, I'm waiting for the second part. It was easy tough.


i got 100% and got the special reward