Reviews for "Level Up!"

Great Game

at first i hated the nightmare, but after getting all the skills, and maxing out the jump level, it, the nightmare was easy. This game was very nice to play and i can't wait for a sequel.


I loved it. But, I couldn't get the last learning level, do you have to do something?

titch007uk responds:

100% completion rating. Which means you have to collect all the gems, codex entries and postbox locations. And beat the boss.

Brings back the old memories

Been awhile since I played a game like this

Amazing game with an amazing story!

Level Up! is a great game that manages a story that really sucks you in. I am waiting for the next installment with bated breath!

The controls are beautifully tight, the gameplay is downright fun (I know I played to 100%!) and the idea of being able to do many things in two different ways was ingenious! My only problem is that it seems like it might be possible to get to a point where you are stuck without enough gems to get all the abilities, but I'm not positive about that.

Amazing Game.

Its not often I see a decent game on Newgrounds. Congrats.