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Reviews for "Level Up!"


but how do you beat nightmare?

Awesome. Can't wait for the sequel.

I managed to get 100% completion in 45 minutes. Anyone saying the Nightmare is hard is an idiot. First try, it was dead. If you manage to kill the nightmare every time, it's easy to get 100%. My problem was that I missed one Squarite, so I was confused for a couple minutes. The demo for the new game is great, except that a sign in it near the end of the demo is levitating above reach.

Level up! This flash is now level 4.

Pixel games. How rare is it to see a semi-rpg type one of them. And it dosn't bug out on IE! That is a definate plus, well for me anyways. It didn't interfere with my ability to enjoy the games I like.

On to the gameplay. It is stunning. The amount of places to explore the crystals to collect, and of course the level up feature. I had fun day after day going and getting the same tons of crystals. Leveling up was a bonus.

The boss was way to hard the first day. I had to literally wait about a week in game. Collect enought crystals to buy all the skills from the sky people, 'cause I dont want to work for it, and get my sleep to level 5. Level 5 sleep is important.

Not because it lets you stay up longer, but because it lets you get all your main, that is the ones you start with, skills to 5. Then you should go get the level 5 relationship to beat the boss. He was a toughie.

It took me two long playthroughs to beat him. I mean it's just hard for me. The story is interesting after you beat him though. That is too say most of the story is after you've beaten the boss. And that's most of the game!

I actually didn't expect it to have that sort of ending. I thought it was just a random crash, but no a shock. I don't know if that's for everyone, or I'm just dumb. The ending did promise a sequel though.

Don't dissapoint us like movie based game sequels. Anyone that is a fan of the Nostalgia Critic should know this by now. Maybe there will be more things to level up in the next game. Including a fence repairing skill! Oh yea and, the Codex is self-refferential! I can only imagine what it must be like forgetting what it is day after day.

titch007uk responds:

I'll do my best to not disappoint. Kayn (the writer) seems to think the direction I'm taking series in is going is good, and that's good enough for me. There is going to be a great deal -more- story in the sequel. I'm getting a taste for doing this narrative stuff now.

Loosing to the boss on the first day is intentional. I know it's rarer these days, but I think putting the player in a situation where they have to loose is an interesting. After all people went on and on about that one scene in MW where you can't -possibly- win. I was just looking for a slightly different dynamic in that the possibility of victory had to be there, but hard to obtain. Otherwise it's not a struggle, or a cheap trick to make plays think they have a chance (Like bosses in RPG's you can't win against).

Really fun.

I've been playing this for days.Mainly so I could defeat that boss, very damn hard! All the art is great, and it looks like you worked hard with it, even putting idle animations in. It all worked perfectly, no glitches that I could find in the week I've been playing it. The gravitating gems was a nice touch too.

The dialogue was original and funny, the levels were great looking, and fun to run around in. The only thing would be to make the daytime bits a bit harder, so they can keep with the night, (which was just about right as far as I'm concerned.)

Am I aloud the review the secret bit?

(Please make the jumping like it was in the main game. It was too sluggish in it's current state.)


The nightmare WAS Hard. HEY! how about setting difficultylevels n stuff?

titch007uk responds:

Nah, Difficulty settings are a cop out. There are better ways of balancing the game.