Reviews for "Level Up!"

This was a great game

this game is quite unique in that the entire story is finished in just one day. The fact that most people hated the fact that you lose every thing every time you lose to shadow only proves that they are quitters who can't grasp the concept of the game. Everytime you sleep ie fight shadow your sleep lvl's up and you can stay up longer enabling you to collect more gems and lvl up even more stats. So for all those who got mad a quit i ask you to replay the game and finish it. Oh and for those of us that got 100% (like me) were already humbly awaiting your next project

I absolutely loved it.

Fantastic game! I played through it twice just to try and get the skills in various ways. Never managed to beat the nightmares, but it didn't really matter. Congrats to you, you've made my day. *Not that you'd care, but I certainly do*

Gets Better with time.

Awesome game, it really gets better the more you play it. The nightmare is not very hard and the whole, " wtf my level went back to 1", thing is not a big deal. I beat it in 1 hour which is my only complaint, so short. PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL.


i liked it challenging, peaceful, and all around fun .... you should make a sequal


It is a very good game, I think you shouldn't de-level back to 0 every time though, it makes it take a long time before you get to face shadow again.