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Reviews for "Level Up!"

awesome game

and the ending, oh gosh, can't wait for the sequel (well i can, but that shows i'm excited)
great job!


i got pretty bored with it pretty fast

Good game

This is a great game but i have found an annoying glitch if you try to load when you have no save it loads you to exactly were you are but you cant do anything.

very cool

the concept of the game was good, trying to accomplish as much as you can in one day. It was nice that you put the knowledge stat in so starting at level one again wasn't so painful. and it isn't too had to get to 100% The special you get for 100% is also pretty exciting. Keep up the good work.


Not a bad game, but it could be longer. 100% is too easy to get in my opinion, and the (only) boss is a joke as well.

titch007uk responds:

I agree with you.

The vanilla version of Level Up (before I modified it in response to the sheer number of people saying the boss was too random) was about the sort of difficulty it was intended. I removed the random element to make beating the boss a very clear distinction between solving it's patterns and not, rather than holding out for a lucky 'run'.

In hindsight, I could probably do it a better way. But hey, thats what sequels are FOR.