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Reviews for "Level Up!"

Not bad, but...

Pretty good game, but the fact that Nightmare totally bashes the crap out of you in the first days pretty much SUCKS. This would've gotten my 9 out of 10 if it had no Nightmare...


The nightmare wind kind of hard to beat... So i just took a deep breath and beat him!

nice butt..

the game is nice in all way but the nightmare is to hard for my plus the fact went you loset to im you lose all your skill lvl and life and this is very desapoting but overall nice game


The gameplay was good, the story was odd(until the end), and leveling up is great! Also, the 100% completion "extra" was a good touch.


It's a fun game and could have been a lot better...The reason I don't like it is because you only get 2 chances before you get killed by the spikes..It just gets way too annoying to deal with