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Reviews for "Level Up!"

Very Unique for the Platformer Genre

I really enjoy platformers that take the time to create a place that takes things as a given - the giant computer, the various aline NPCs, and the magic gems. Of course that all makes sense, right? Normal, everday things. The game throws you in there and says, "Go!" Catchy theme music, too.

The leveling up aspect is great and creates a unique timer for the game. For all the people who hate losing their skills after combat, 1) it's not too hard to get them back, and 2) where is fun if there is no challenge? It was the threat of losing my levels that kept me coming back and wanting to beat the game.

Keep it up! Looking forward to the next installment!

This game almost makes me wanna make games again

When I was young, games like this inspired me to create. One could say my love of science and medicine came from science and biology inspiring games like mega man and metroid. While I chose a route in life that is away from game develpment, if time presented itself, I could see myself devolping games on flash as it seems 8-bit reminiscing reigns. Good job to you and and the little hidden bit about internet awareness :).

8-Bit gaming GOOD NESS

8-bit gaming goodness. this takes me back to the good old 8bit and 16bit days. I loved it. This is a platformer at its best. Keep up the good work. I hope to see the next one soon. Cant wait to see how this ends!


It is simply a very fun and addictive game, was a bit slow at first until I figured out exactly how everything works. Then it was just brilliant. Can't wait to see if you can top this game or not.


Very nice game, the graphics are very retro and i love it.

A tad laggy though, it got on my nerves after a while.