Reviews for "Level Up!"


i played this before but i didnt finished this because i have no idea what to do now i know fill up your run,jump,heal,fortitude and collect then go to the computer ( you need to spent 100 to open the door) jump on the computer and talk to it THE END YOU BEAT THE GAME


nice game

it was ok

cool for a cuple of minuts but get relly boring


i ve playing it for two win best games

GREAT game!

This game's great... For some reason it didn't give me the medals, so I'll play it again... hehe.
I enjoyed this, especially the ending, which was slightly more deep than I expected from the rest of the game.
My only suggestion is to lose the hand-drawn-ness in the ending, and just use the sprite art you see in the rest of the game... Perhaps everything except the two at the end goes black, and her thoughts as she flashbacks appear floating around the place?
[hopefully that wasn't too spoileriffic for people...]