Reviews for "Level Up!"

Amazing, I love it.

"To be continued...."

I loved it, can't wait for the sequal. 10/10 5/5


I just wish that you could actually attack...Please put that in the sequel...

Very nice game

In regards to beating nightmare... Practically all you need is dash, although Regen would be fairly helpful too. Just keep dashing into the wall, you'll be stunned for a few seconds making you invincible to all his attacks. Wait for him to launch rocks into the air, then let him attack you. The rocks should end up falling on him, and collect the black gems. If your invincibility didn't last long enough for the rocks to fall, just keep running into the wall. Cheers ~ (Yes this is a very cheapass method)


just (like everything on the website) could use better art... and why is she in her pagamas?

Good Game

I thought this was a great game, for some reason my account had become logged out though, right before playing it and none of my medals were unlocked... =/ Oh well.