Reviews for "Level Up!"

Great game but most of the times theres either a delay for the controls, it freezes, or its sticky

Years after playing this game i still remember it... it was unique.

After the end, being able to play as that guy looked interesting, but kinda random and incomplete. Still, an awesome game. How about a sequel?

love this game

I liked the game a lot, but found the ending rather disappointing, in its animation and its execution.

I loved this game. I played this game as a child and finale beat it as an adult. I love it. The two ways to end this, getting to the data room after maxing out your five main skills, and the other, I believe, is to beat the nightmare after leveling up your skills and fighting the nightmare. And one of the greatest stories in a flash game, ever. If you want to hate on this game, then fine! It's a great quote-on-quote "Indie" games, and I would love to see this made as a full game, on steam greenlight, or XBLA. Ether way, A great game overall. Oh, and for all the people who gave this game a poor rating, like NumberOneChina666, The reason your character goes to bed so early is never explained, so why care, and you fight that dream boss because your character is trying to fight off.... You know what, Nevermind. You damage the boss by getting meteors to land on him, and collecting the black gems he drops. Depending on how much you damage the boss, is how long you can stay awake collecting skills to challenge him again. So you can try getting more skills to beat him. An interesting concept for a game, but a good one, and an interesting way of going after it.