Reviews for "Level Up!"

Without a doubt it's still one of my top 5 favorite games of all time on NG.

Very good game, a bit difficult at first but easier as you get used to it.

I love this game so much. The gameplay is fun and relaxing,The characters are funny and charming,and the music is fantastic. I hope the gather up will come out soon and i hope it will just as good as the first.

I love this game, I think it's a good boredom buster and a fun way to spend your time ^~^

I'm not a good reviewer, but I can say this is a good game.
I liked that ghost that just talked about the future or something
And I found the codex entry 56 to be hilarious!

I hope you are still working with Gather Up, because all I found about you was only of year 2009-2010.