Reviews for "Level Up!"

I can wholeheartedly say this is my favorite game on Newgrounds, I remember playing before I had an account when you first made it and I loved back then as well, so bravo I hope one day you make the sequel soon.

Cool game , but it is very small and easy I know that games like Super Mario or Megaman started with simple games but you guys can do better is not it? Note : I'm not making a criticism , I'm making a suggestion .

Fun game! I see in your update some people cant load for some reason.. have them make sure they arent zoomed in or out with ctrl + mouse wheel thats stopped me on a couple of games till I found that problem including yours.

WOW. After seeing all of the awards this got I finally sat down and played it, and holy shit, this is really awesome stuff.

It's gotten to the point where pixel games are a little too common, and now it seems there are more pixel games that are made to have a retro feel than there are actually retro games. It definitely is grating dealing with samey, generic graphics and 8-bit chiptunes. The gameplay, however...

I originally thought that resetting stats upon each day was going to drive me batty, but it didn't. I mean, it did for the first few days, but when I realized how the game worked and went and bought the upgrades, the double jump and regeneration were a godsend and it lead for this to be a very balanced game. Collecting all of the gems had a very Castlevania-like feel to it, as the map wasn't huge and was mainly explored in a non-linear fashion. As a whole the stats which continually increased seemed balanced and were neither too generous nor too grindy, and the dialogue was entertaining. Being what it was, I felt like the difficulty was also pretty balanced too. While the platforming was a little dull, I felt motivated to find new "non-ghosted" gems and to beat that damned boss. The boss was difficult, but also a fun fight (albeit repetitive). The only thing I didn't like was that it was obscenely difficult to properly get the boulders to crush the nightmare - I think almost every time I managed to wallop him came from pure chance rather than me premeditating it.

I found the story to be quite fascinating as well. There were a few bits of humor and hints at breaking the fourth wall, but what got me more was the whole thing about the characters' memories being wiped and that nightmare that just kept coming back. I knew there was going to be something different when I bested the nightmare and retained my memories, and I was especially interested when I realized I was going to go to the computer to have the memories recovered. Let me get this clear though:

YOUR ENDING SUCKS!! I really didn't like how the male character was randomly turned into the antagonist. I get that it was supposed to be a plot twist, but seeing as he doesn't have a very large role in the game, I felt more like "Aw, damn it." than actually shitting bricks when I found out. Ultimately this game has the setup for a great fiction title - sci-fi, fantasy, or otherwise - but ultimately turns into a generic Bleach superhero-type thing with a 'to be continued' cliffhanger. I (accurately) guessed that even though this game was released six years ago, no actual sequel existed, and honestly, what with lost memories being such a pivotal part of this game, I don't think a second game would really make sense.

So, to recap... You took a shaky gameplay concept and salvaged it with awesome level design, and set up a great story, but you failed to wrap it up nicely. I would still say this is easily worth a 4.5/5, in spite of the things that bothered me.

Yeah good game...but that ending man...works really well but leaves me wanting too much!!!

Thanks for your time :)